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What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of competencies for achieving continuous improvement.

Six Sigma Competencies Methodology : DMAIC and DFSS Tools: Statistical and Soft skills.

Unlike SO-9001:2000, TS-16949:2000,COPC, CMMI etc. in Six Sigma field there is no certification for the organization.

In six Sigma Individuals are certified based on their competencies - GB, BB and MBB.

Six Sigma and other Quality Approaches

Six Sigma initiative is NOT a substitute to others quality approaches such as ISO-90001 : 2000, TS-16949:2000, COPC, CMMI, Lean etc.

On the other hand Six Sigma initiative perfectly complements other quality efforts of the organization.

Combinations such as Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma + CMMI have become industry benchmark.

Why get certified?

Six sigma certification

  • Gives confidence that you have the right skills.
  • Give confidence to your employer that you can deliver bottom-line results.
  • Six Sigma Competencies are generic skills and help individuals change their industry.

Benefits of Six Sigma

    Company Level
    Shorter lead times
    Cost reductions
    Higher productivity
    Better customer satisfaction

Individual Level

The six sigma skill help and individual achieve the targets set by the management.

Deliver bigger results faster.

Helps in changing the Industry (Manufacturing to BPO, Financial services, call center etc.)

Thus it is possible to do SIX Sigma certification course despite the fact that your company is not interested.

Who Can Do Six Sigma?

Industry Verticals :

Call Center
Quality Assurance
Engineering and Technical Services
Marketing and Sales

Who Gives SIx Sigma Certification?

Unlike other quality certificates, there is no accreditation system. There is no single body to approve the six sigma courses and certification.

Six Sigma certificates as issued by the following three agencies:

Employer (Big companies - GE, Honeywell)

  • Consulting Companies (Trainers)
  • Third Party (Independent ASQ and IQF)

 About IQF (

Noted author and Six Sigma guru Thomas Paydek founded the International Quality Federation (IQF) in January 2000, the first to provide independent third-party validation that an individual has mastered the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK). For More Information Visit

Training Schedule :


Training Fee : 25000/- BDT Icluding Training and Exam Registration

Last Date of Registration : 03/03/2017


For Registration Please Call : Mr. Prasenjit Guin (Mobile : 01703706813, Mail : and Mr. Mahid Hasan (Mobile : 01712963109, Mail :

Six-Sigma Course Curriculum
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Prof. Arnab Chakraborty
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