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Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd.
"Valuing Ideas - Dreaming Innovations..."
The Jointventure Company of Totsol Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
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What Makes A Good Leader

Leadership is not something that you can define! At the same time, it is typically tough to say what makes a good leader even. Yet, within our mind a phrase simply moves round and round - 'how to be a leader?' Some would say public relation and to some it is the passion to work that manifests the leadership skills of every human being/employee. Not even that, some simply blow all your arguments out to justify that leaders are born (however the history proves it otherwise).

All of us have our own point of view to the traits of an effective leader. Now we are not going by the terms of politics but the leadership of the corporate world! Hope you have heard what the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said -

"Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough."

It can be justified as a roaring trait of an effective leader of 27 years, giving the world a new "FACE" to remain social at a time when people are becoming sophisticated machines.

Whatever the case may be, it is fact that two catalysts effect behind the creation of a leader - one is the environment in the family and the other one is the work. Again there are several instances that support the good work culture or ethics that makes a good leader.

There is nothing new in saying that every company or organization has its own human resource development policies. But the main motto of the policies is to create scope of development to the employees. And some of the companies do encourage the building up of the traits of an effective leader who is/are going to give the company a new face to the world in the specific fields of expertise.

When it comes to the matter of Infoway things goes little different. For example, the grey haired CEO of our company Mr. Jack Roy does believe in the in-born talent of any human being. But he also believes that -

"Industry can make a leader. For example, Sam Walton who once had to milk own family cow and sell the surplus. Yet his hard work and never dying entrepreneurial attitude led him to found WALMART. We would nurture and bring out the leaders out of the efficient hard workers."

What he has said is no different in the making of what Infoway LLC is today! Here we try to venture in getting the association of most industrious people. But at the same time our CEO had given us a few years to shape a HR policy that will aim at bringing up the leader within employees working at Infoway.

So to mould every employee into future leader, we have been reshaping our HR policy anew. Now our goal has turned towards finding every possible way out in getting solution to what makes a good leader. And we like to inject ideas and construct ways on how to be a leader.

To inculcate the traits of an effective leader, the first thing is to become a good team player. We have made our teams flexible to nurture the potentiality of every individual. It is very much essential that an individual gets the chance to voice his or her opinion and expertise. We have made a team and work structure that does not maintain hierarchy but a "star topology" where every employee can access other employee. Let it be grass level employee to the top ranked executives, everyone is ready to catalyze potentiality among all.

Just the way it is essential that every person should have a specific thought process about workflow, we poke them to think how to be a leader. Every employee is encouraged to lead from the front (not merely working behind as a key person). Special assignments are given to them and every outcome properly defines individual potentiality. They are told that not only the sheer passion to work is essential to get success in projects; leading attitude has to be there. It is one of the traits of effective leader of future.

When people grow habit in producing quality work, they must be given chance to infect others with this habit. We create small groups and provide the brighter ones to lead those. We know there is no substitute of hands-on experience. It spreads the idea of what makes a good leader among every employee. We mutually share ideas on how to it feels to lead a team.

"Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world" - Sergey Brin (founder member of Google). What we can say on what makes a good leader or how to be a leader is very clear and identical with the above statement.

One of the most essential traits of an effective leader is keeping eyes on roads to success. A leader is recognized when his or her work ethics is found growing among the team members. A leader is successful when he or she has made big difference in the world (certainly in own way).

There is no need to establish or create another Google, Microsoft or Apple, but something that creates identity - may be a team member. At Infoway, we try to infuse these types of thoughts among every individual for sure.

Techsol Is On Cloud Server

Techsol ever moves forward adapting the latest technologies. When the world is embracing cloud hosting services, how can Totsol keep aloof! It has also transferred its hosting services to cloud server hosting. Infoway previously worked on cloud for clients and now it has embraced the cloud service for itself.

Now why is this shift on cloud server hosting? There are some interesting and strong reasons for using cloud server hosting.


  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable. There is no limitation in using server space. The server space can be increased or decreased just like demand and control of electricity grid.
  • In cloud memory, processors, and bandwidth allocations are high. So it makes data or the resources quickly available through its network.
  • Cloud provides security against the data loss. In cloud server hosting all the data is mirrored across multiple servers. So there is less or no possibility of data loss
  • There is less chance of faulty service for hardware damage. The cloud is cluster of hardware together in different centers. So complete breakdown of services is hardly possible and partial breakdown is easy to recover to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • The software used in cloud is genuine and available. So there is no problem due to misuse or piracy of software. Customer also gets more freedom in usage of software.
  • Cloud is affordable. Always users pay on usage, no extra burden and buy out of additional space easy. This keeps space surplus as anybody just buys on demand.


These are few main features of the cloud server hosting that is typically luring and positively supporting the cause of better hosting. Even bandwidth never causes problem as there is surplus. So a being a leading web development company, Totsol has to adapt to the latest and most viable feature of the cloud hosting service.

So for handling all web development services hosted on cloud, Totsol is the best web development company to offer projects to. As a leading web design firm and web development company, we have already worked with international clients who use cloud server hosting. We assure cent percent satisfaction on all website development and design projects to be structured for cloud server hosting.

Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd. Office Address

Corporate Office :
Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd.
89/2/12, R.K.Mission Road (Manik Nagar)
Dhaka - 1203, Bangladesh

Mail to :
Phone : +88-02-7542228

Fax : +88-02-7553872


Training date : December 4th and 5th, 2015 (Weekend Batch).

Last date of Registration is 25th November 2015.

Training Registration fee : 5000/- BDT.

Venue : 147/D, Green Road, Dhaka-1205.

Class Time : 10 Am - 6 Pm.

For Registration And More Details About The Training Please Contact Mr. Prasenjit Guin, Mobile : +88 0170 370 6813.

Job Opportunity For IT Team Leader

Looking For IT Team Leader

TECHSOL is an India Bangladesh joint venture Information Technologies Company in Bangladesh. We provide software development, IT training and outsourcing etc. we have more than 150 valuable clients in south-Asia. We are the affiliated member of International Quality federation (IQF) in Bangladesh.


We are now hiring a new generation of expert practitioners who want to contribute to those partnerships by offering strategic approaches to long-standing problems. We seek individuals who can communicate advice and new ideas across cultures and all strata of society.


We have a wide range of opportunities at various levels; competitive salaries offered commensurate with experience.

TECHSOL does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training, visa or other fee).










Team Leader should have the strength of requirement analysis and presentation preparation & perform, documentation preparation etc. He must have good leadership and knowledge on utility of Android, SQLite, PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile, Html5, Javascript, Ajax, XML, .Net, MSSql etc.




Whether you are looking for opportunity for Professionals/ leaders please send your updated Curriculum vitae (CV) to

We are the affilited body of IQF (International Quality Federation) at Bangladesh for Six-Sigma Certification.


The International Quality Federation (IQF) is an organization designed to connect quality professionals. IQF offers Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification.  IQF certifications are recognized throughout the world because of the rigorous exams and detailed project work required.  Master Black Belt certification also requires teaching and mentoring experience.We, Techsol Technologies Bangladesh limited have affiliated member of IQF.  For more details . Please review our company information at

MS Project Training.


Training Date : February 12th and 13th, 2016 (Weekend Batch).

Training Venue: Mouchak, Dhaka-1217, Flat-A1, House-104

Class Time : 9.30 Am - 5.30 Pm.

Contact Person : Mr. Prasenjit Guin,
Mobile No : +8801703706813
Mail :


About Education Ministry Project :


Software and website of higher secondary stipend project, Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been successfully launched today by TECHSOL Technologies Bangladesh Ltd. at International Mother Language institute auditorium, Dhaka, In presence of Honorable Minister of Education Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid M.P. , Click to View our Success Story...

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From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Techsol has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. Contact With Us For your next Step.
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Call Us :+8801797455935,+8801796432487
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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