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Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd.
"Valuing Ideas - Dreaming Innovations..."
The Jointventure Company of Totsol Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
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Consultancy services      


Study of government budgeting systems, analysis and design of code of accounts for government budgeting and accounting systems, study of flow of accounts in government systems and suggestions of improvement there-of, improving financial management in the public sector through quick and accurate availability of expenditure accounts, developing systems for effectiveness and efficiency.


Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd is capable of working in bank restructuring and reengineering in the form of MIS capacity and needs assessment, current loan and asset evaluation, design and implementation of change management programs and strategies. Reviewing institution's condition, identifying losses, and recommending viable alternatives for cost effective operations. Ensure reliable and timely production of audited accounts design, develop and strengthen accounting capacity of the institution. Preparation of management plan, development of HR integration strategy, development of performance matrix. Eliminating speculative activities, minimizing operating losses, developing and implementing revised policies and procedures for credit and expenditure approval and administration, liquidation management to ensure effective management control, effective credit risk management, risk rating systems, ground-up information system design and implementation; asset liability management planning and institutional transformation, internal control systems etc.


Design and implementation of financial reporting and accounting systems with the support of our team of qualified Chartered/Certified-Public Accountants. Incorporation and implementation of financial reporting standards is included in the system. System design and implementation is generally preceded by a study and analysis of financial information needs.


Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd is capable of Institutional management, financial management, budget planning, evaluation and conducting training programs, arranging workshops, seminars etc. Training needs analysis, design of training modules, industrial training, mid-level managers and supervisor level training in industry, industry-wide training program training for mid-level and senior managers in commerce and industry, pre- and post training appraisal, post training on-the-job follow-ups.


Techsol technologies Bangladesh Ltd has a team of experts who are highly competent in carrying out socio-economic and institutional studies, evaluation and impact assessment, Project benefit monitoring and evaluation design and economic development studies. Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd has in-house capabilities to investigate program impact and examine the determinants of program success by conducting surveys, sampling, and detailed cost-benefit analysis.


Our areas of expertise encompass building required information and communication technology infrastructure both in the public and private sector, statutory framework improvement for auditing, accounting & financial reporting, information and communication capacity building, strengthening financial institutions, e-Governance, electronic network etc. The design of complete computer-based Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems, the specification of both hardware and software, assistance in the procurement of hardware and off-the shelf software, education and training in the use of hardware and software, assistance in software implementation, assistance in hardware implementation problems like LAN implementation and management etc. Turnkey computerization projects are fully within our area of expertise. If required, our team of software-specialists can develop bespoke software customized to individual corporate requirements.


The spread of connectivity enabled by the Internet has spurred a profound transformation in business. At Techsol Technologies Bangladesh Ltd, we help companies profit from this transformation, leveraging e-commerce to enhance business operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities. We collaborate with clients to develop powerful e-commerce strategies and we help them define and meet their most critical e-commerce challenges from managing IT, to organization, to implementation. With our expertise in web server programming, we can develop Internet-based shopping, procurement, operations, and information sharing tools for corporate or business portal.

For Your Requirements
From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Techsol has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. Contact With Us For your next Step.
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Call Us :+8801797455935,+8801796432487
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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